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Company history

Company history

The company DEBLICE - forests was founded on 10th December 2003 by two partners - ing. Martin Čížek and Bohuslava Vondráčková. Both founders of the company had already at that time a rich experience in forestry, timber processing and timber trade.

Martin Čížek mainly from the position of a forester and forest supervisor, Mrs. Vondráčková with experience as a warehouse manager. Together they purchased a former farmstead Deblice near the village of Dymokury, which they gradually reconstructed for the purposes of the company headquarters and as a base for timber processing and forestry and business activities.

The company was finally able to bid for its first forestry contracts. First with private individuals and municipal forests, and since 2007 also for larger contracts for state forests. Along with the business scope, the professional staff base was expanded.

The co-founder of the company was replaced in 2009 by her son ing. Petr Vondráček, who has been a partner of the company since 2011. He came to Deblice from SERVIS LES, s.r.o., where he was in charge of forestry activities and worked as a sales manager for charcoal and firewood. However, the female element remained in the company, Mrs. Bohuslava Vondráčková retired, but she continues to help in the company.

2010 was a significant year for us. Not only did we expand our sales range to include wood briquettes - and a year later charcoal - but we also became members of the Czech Association of Forestry Entrepreneurs (ČAPLH), where we try to be active in favour of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. But our membership in important organisations does not stop there. We are also active members of the Association of Owners of Municipal, Private and Ecclesiastical Forests in the Czech Republic (SVOL) and holders of the PEFC certificate (sustainable forest management).

We are one of the companies that has regularly been successful in contracts with the state enterprise Lesy České republiky since 2012 - especially in the districts of Nymburk, Kolín, Mladá Boleslav, Hradec Králové, Jičín and Pardubice.

During our presence on the market, we have managed forestry on an area of more than 10 thousand ha, planted more than 1 million trees per year and harvested about 100 thousand m3 of timber.

We employ experienced forestry staff and quality people to work in the forest.  We actively educate our employees - since 2013, they regularly participate in social excursions to our timber buyers and go to professional trade fairs, both here and abroad.

During our time on the market we have


forestry farming on an area of more than 10 thousand ha


plant more than 1 million trees a year


harvested about 100 thousand m3 of timber annually

SERVIS LES and timber auctions

SERVIS LES and timber auctions

We do not stop in the field of acquisitions either - in 2014 we managed to buy the charcoal production company SERVIS LES s.r.o., where we continued the long tradition of charcoal production and sales.

In this area we are the most important domestic supplier of charcoal and the winner of quality tests. Since 2015 we have been using the facilities of SERVIS LES for auctions of valuable timber assortments - www.woodauction.cz.

We conduct auctions at a total of 4 locations across the Czech Republic. We are also the market leader in this field.

Visit the SERVIS LES website

Lesy Bačov s.r.o.

As foresters in body and soul, we naturally want to have our own forests as a base and joy for our business. This was achieved in 2016 with the purchase of the second company Lesy Bačov s.r.o. and the forests it managed, about 350 ha.

As majority owners we also run a hunting ground with a recognised pheasantry. In total, we own forests of about 500 ha.
In short, we have really grown since 2003 - and it shows!

Visit the site of the Bačov Forest
Lesy Bačov s.r.o.