We offer comprehensive services in the field of forestry - from afforestation, through the cultivation of new stands to the actual harvesting, processing and trade in timber. We offer our services to all owners - private, municipal and state forests, at the level of all possible types of cooperation.

Of course, we strive to maximize the value of the wood by selling or processing it into, for example, wood briquettes or firewood. We are able to provide references from individual cooperation contracts.

For those interested in selling the forest, we can arrange for a professional appraisal, or we are able to buy the forest. We also act as an expert forest manager.

Timber processing

We process wood that cannot be recovered better in our facility in Deblice into firewood and firewood.

From the sorted wood we produce metre-long firewood, firewood cut, split and loose wood. We also supply dry wood packed in crates or bags and chips for kindling.

As a suitable complementary range we offer wood briquettes and pellets and charcoal for barbecues. We have a long tradition in this area and are one of the largest processors.

Timber trade and transport

With regard to our handling, storage and office capabilities and especially our long experience in the sale and processing of wood, we are also engaged in commercial activities. We process the timber purchased from various owners, or assemble and sell it as best we can to proven partners with whom we have many years of working experience. Our unsurpassable principle is 100% payment discipline.

Since 2015, we have been operating a Valuable Timber Auction. This auction is open to all timber owners and buyers, and operates throughout the Czech Republic - more at